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ort ••••••••••"6-•\ <br /> Augusta\ <br /> South Carolina's Ri verfron t <br /> MINUTES OF MAY 7, 2018 <br /> Robert A. Pettit, Mayor <br /> James M. Adams, Jr., Councilmember <br /> J. Robert Brooks, Councilmember <br /> Pat C. Carpenter, Councilmember <br /> Fletcher L. Dickert, Councilmember <br /> Kenneth J. McDowell, Councilmember <br /> David W. McGhee, Councilmember <br /> ORDER OF BUSINESS <br /> REGULAR MEETING <br /> The regular meeting of May 7, 2018, having been duly publicized, was called to order by Mayor <br /> Pettit at 7:00 p.m. and adjourned at 7:19 p.m. Per Section 30-4-80(e) notice of the meeting by <br /> email was sent out to the current maintained "Agenda Mailout" list consisting of news media <br /> outlets and individuals or companies requesting notification. Notice of the meeting was also <br /> posted on the outside doors of the Municipal Center, the main bulletin board of the Municipal <br /> Center located on the first floor, and the City of North Augusta website. <br /> Mayor Pettit rendered the invocation and led in the Pledge of Allegiance. <br /> Members present were Mayor Pettit and Councilmembers Adams, Brooks Carpenter, Dickert, <br /> McDowell, and McGhee. <br /> Also in attendance were B. Todd Glover, City Administrator; Kelly F. Zier, City Attorney; <br /> Cammie T. Hayes, Director of Finance; Thomas C. Zeaser, Director of Engineering and Public <br /> Works; James E. Sutton, Director of Public Services; and Donna B. Young, City Clerk. <br />